Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Video Mondays! Mistah FAB - Ghost Ride It

(I wrote this three times, and lost it twice. Thanks, internet!)

I'll admit it upfront: I have shitty taste in hip-hop. Could it be worse? Probably. Is it so narrow and predictable that it becomes sort of embarrassing? You bet. My likes read like the dorky, white, Midwestern, "I listen mostly to 'indie' stuff but like some hip-hop too" checklist. "Underground" stuff (ie: Def Jux)? Check. "Artsy" stuff (ie: Anticon)? Yep. My favorite album of the genre? GZA/Genius' Liquid Swords. Do I own a copy of it, or even listen to it very often? Ashamedly, no. All that said, I probably don't have any credibility for this post. But here it is.

I love this. This song is great, the video is great, and, to my limited understanding, I warmly welcome hyphy to its future dominance of American airwaves. In keeping the gritty beats and adventurous production of crunk, but ditching the adolescent rage, self-importance, mindless consumerism and misogyny that dominates its lyrics, I think we can hope for a sonically entertaining and all-around fun pop rap. It might lack the social/political awareness of other acts, and it may not be "smart," but it makes up for it in infectiousness and clever wit. Yes, horrendous bling and over the top antics are dumb, but that doesn't mean they can't be fun as well. Admitting that straight away and reveling in it without the pretense that these are Important Things defangs critics. Smart move.

I like this in a similar way to the way I like things like, say, The Unicorns. It has a way of getting past your defenses and going straight to enjoyment, something that current pop rap is completely unable to do (F-E-R-G-A-L-I-C-I-oh jesus christ someone give me a lobotomy). I may be completely late to the [ghost] boat, but I'm happy to climb aboard.


Blogger robjach said...

Curt, I enjoy your mix. I hope your NYC trip went well. I hope you did not run into any TMNTs - especially any conservative talk show radio TMNTs. They are especially scary, and they think vegetarian pizza is for gays. I'm still waiting for a tracklist for your CD. Thanks again.

~Not a turtle, maybe a tortoise, or a snail or a tomato[e]

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